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Mr. Bhimsen Gurung

Mr. Bhimsen Gurung

In the competitive world of today, survival is not a matter of qualification but one of the qualification with competence. A better survivor is one with better competency and qualification. A better survivor is one with better competency and qualification. The thrust is specialization i.e., creating a niche by one's ability, skill, qualification and competency.

At PLIC, we have conceived and established to bridge the gap between growing demand for quality management professionals and their availability. We are committed to developing leaders in management with the competencies demanded by a rapidly changing and complex global business setting. Students have the opportunity to engage their minds with faculty and other students and to develop the analytical skills critical for understanding management in a stimulating environment, with the support of modern and enabling infrastructure.

I hope that this vision will help you in making the decision of choosing your Institution of higher learning as it is one of the most important decision you will make in your life.

As Chairman of the Institute, it is my privilege to oversee the ongoing development of the institute into an effective learning center with an interdisciplinary perspective committed to making a difference. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our world where life is an experience of change.

I wish all the very best.

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