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Mr. T.N. Sharma

Mr. T.N. Sharma

The greatest people of the world are self-motivators. Henry Ford never had an industrialist to inspire him to become the apostle of mass production. Thomas Alva Edison did not have a scientist showing him how to become the world's most celebrated inventor. None of these people had a sponsor to motivate them.

However, all of them excelled in their individual fields of endeavor.

Everyone wants to become a great professional in life like engineer, doctor, scientist or manager. Nobody can master any of the above without a timely initiation, timely plan and timely action. ere are no short cut routes to become a proficient in society. To make Nepal as one of the major economies in the world, the shoulders of current leaders both in the areas of Science and Management have to work really hard, needless to say bureaucracy too. is is the time to identify the shortcomings and develop the strategies.

During my time as a Executive Director at Phoenix College of Management, Kathmandu which is also affiliated to Lincoln university Malaysia, we made the program a grand success. Now we are at Pokhara Lincoln International College and have launched same program of the same university here. So, I would like to mention that, PLIC with a promising agenda would be able to serve the management students, the institutions and government to fulfill its Vision and Mission.

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