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Facilities at PLIC


The size and the location of the classroom, besides the physical amenities available in it, also have considerable impact on the learning attitude of the students. A clean, spacious, adequately ventilated, and well lighted classroom equipped with all the modern audio visual teaching aids will always have a positive influence on the students, making them more receptive, cheerful and enthusiastic. Classrooms at PLIC are spacious and well furnished.


Every attempt has been made to develop the College’s library into an intellectual and social resource center designed to meet the diverse information needs of its students, teachers and office personnel. The Library Programs are constructed to help students to function in the emerging Information Society. As a gateway to information, the PLIC’S library is a repository of accumulated knowledge and an access point to current resources. To meet the student’s needs, the library is open six days a week from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and boasts of a wide collection of text/reference books, research works, journals, maps, newspapers, microform, government publications, manuals, manuscripts, photographs, and other reading materials. Apart from having educational, CDs/DVDs, Slides and Laser Disks, the library also has comfortable listening and viewing areas equipped with all the necessary electronic gadgets. It also houses an E-Library Section having a couple of multimedia computers with internet connections for browsing and access of valuable information. To reinforce the PLIC’S library, Lincoln University E-Library provides students the 24 hour approach to millions of e-books, research works; journals and an interactive forum for exchanging students’ learning experience with each other.

IT Lab

To develop and enhance the student’s skills in computing, now considered a major requirement for all students, regardless of their disciplines, PLIC is equipped with a modern Computer Laboratory consisting of updated Computer Hardware loaded with all necessary software and with unlimited internet facility via cable and WiFi. All the students, irrespective of their interests and choice of subjects are prompted to utilize the powerful vehicle of Information Technology, viz., the Internet to access valuable information and boost their knowledge.


PLIC incites its students to take part according to their interests, needs and abilities, in the college’s physical  fitness programs intended to foster basic human qualities like self assurance, comradeship, team spirit and co-operation. To supplement and to enrich the first priority of college life: academic accomplishment, PLIC sponsors a well-rounded program of inter-college and inter-mural athletics/sports for boys and girls. Besides having a spacious playground with a basketball court, other facilities such as table tennis, volleyball and other indoor games are also available for the recreation of students.


Well furnished and secured hostel accommodations are available for both girls and boys.


Located at Simalchaur Pokhara, the College is easily accessible through public transport from every corner of the Pokhara valley. Nevertheless the college provides its own shuttle service for those students who opt for such.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities as an integral part of the College’s extracurricular activities greatly enhance the development of an individual’s potentialities and inclinations, which at a later stage can be exploited by oneself for his own advantage. Recreational activities offer opportunities for the students to learn new skills, explore their potentialities, and expand their talents through creative planning and programming. PLIC undertakes all efforts to provide the environment and offer facilities, necessary for the implementation of such activities.

Common extracurricular activities like eloquent competitions, debates, literary symposiums, excursions, treks, community service campaigns, social welfare campaigns, cultural shows, exhibitions, fairs, etc., are organized on a regular basis, to develop in the students, efficient leadership qualities, harmonious interpersonal relationships, firm team spirit, modesty and above all an attitude of give & take.

Food & Catering Services

Apart from snacks and beverages, wholesome, fresh, & hygienic vegetarian/non vegetarian meals, rich and nutritious in content, satisfying the palate of the students drawn from different communities and cultural background are served at PLIC Cafeteria. Strict hygiene is always maintained inside the dining hall as well as in the kitchen, and no compromise on the quality of the foodstuffs, cooking ingredients, and cleaning materials is made.

Teaching Methodologies

• Internship

• Student Exchange program

• Mentoring Program

• Wide – Ranging Content Domains

• International Edge

• Student Leadership Development Program

• e-Environment

• Student Media and Service Organization

• Soft Skill Program

• Placement Cell

• Active Help Desk


PLIC, will attempt to make higher education accessible for minorities, underprivileged, poor students from every corner of the country. The scholarship will be provided in various categories in each program. But, to get scholarship the students must submit the original/ authentic document of certification.

The college also has got motivational scholarship packages for the students having outstanding result in LUC examination and the entrance test topper.

PLIC also provides scholarship for its meritorious students in all programs. This Merit scholarship creates a healthy competitive environment among the students of every semester to secure 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in every Semester End Examination (Board).

Internship and Industrial Training

Internship and Industrial Training are mandatory for BHM/BBA students for the partial fulfillment of their academic course. PLIC supports and manages the internship and Industrial Training for its students. For the students of Hotel and Hospitality Management, college manages the paid internship in five stars hotels in Nepal, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UAE, USA and other European countries. It also assists BBA students by managing the reputed corporate houses, banks, companies and consultancies. During their studies, College manages frequent field trips for its students of all programs inside or outside the valley to ensure them the practical aspects of what they are learning.

Project-Based Learning at PLIC

The true meaning of learning smartly consists in practical, analytical, and project-based learning guided by our veteran academicians who can instill motivation in our students to learn differently but usefully. We, therefore, emphasize on enabling an environment rather than dictating the process. Faculty members serve as facilitators rather than teachers who encourage students to take initiative in their learning. This is because we emphasize on conceptual clarity, and on application of knowledge and skills to the problem-solving of the real world.

Lecture sessions at PLIC are characteristically interactive with the faculty members facilitating the learning process so that students automatically delve deep into the subject under study. The discussions in the class are complemented with case analysis and presentations, reviews and feedback of presentation, robustly participatory project-work involving studies of real organizations and internships. One most extensively used tool is the project-based-action learning approach. It enhances learning process by enabling the acquisition of application skills. This process stresses active learning and experimentation, builds theoretical capacity for dialogue and enhances skills in problem solving. Information gathering and critical analysis are natural products of this approach. We emphasize the need of an up-to-date learning in this.

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