The course in hotel management promises a bright future for anyone...

Voice of PLIC Members

Prof. Dr. Amiya Bhaumik
Prof. Dr. Amiya Bhaumik

We are living in a global village now where understanding and respecting each other’s culture and appreciating what others have to offer is becoming so important. The difference between knowledgeable and not so knowledgeable will keep on creating a major impact on global economy in the 21st century. This is one of the reasons why Lincoln University College, Malaysia is focused on...

Mr. Bhimsen Gurung
Mr. Bhimsen Gurung

In the competitive world of today, survival is not a matter of qualification but one of the qualification with competence. A better survivor is one with better competency and qualification. A better survivor is one with better competency and qualification. The thrust is specialization i.e., creating a niche by one's ability, skill, qualification and competency.

At PLIC, we have conceived and established to bridge the gap between...

Mr. Sher Bahadur Gurung (Founder/Director)
Mr. Sher Bahadur Gurung

Today, the Education institutions which are related to the management are facing the challenge of generating global managers who are in demand in the industry. Education institutions have to rise to meet the challenges of creating global opportunities for the Nepalese Managers. Education institutions in Nepal need to appraise their capability not only in terms of colossal and attractive infrastructures but also providing the best management education in terms of quality of curriculum,...

Mrs. Indira Gurung
Mrs. Indira Gurung

PLIC aims to create minds capable of participating in multicultural and multinational environment. It fosters respect and admiration of other cultures to open minds to other's views. We have student exchange and faculty exchange programs with out partner colleges and universities to develop the student's capacity in diverse spheres of management roles. At PLIC, the endeavor is to create...

Mrs. Pampha Gurung (Founder/Principal)
Mrs. Pampha Gurung

As the global economy has converged countries into borderless entities, the corporate world is continuously pushed by knowledge, fueled by technology, innovation and creativity that have become
the key drivers. Nepalese corporate are growing in a fast forward mode, creating innumerable opportunities for enterprising young men and women. Global corporations are looking at Nepal as a valuable source of manpower of high quality and competency.

Imparting critical analytical skills...

Mr. Jagdeesh Chandra Wagle, Country Manager (Lincon University)
Mr. Jagdeesh Chandra Wagle

At PLIC, we not only understand change but actively encourage it. We strive to develop our students into leaders who will catapult Nepal into a great economic force. 

Management education is more than just academics. Inculcating a winning attitude and empowering students with necessary skills to take on the dynamics of a challenging corporate world is what we excel at. A contemporary course curriculum with state-of-the-art-...

Mr. T.N. Sharma
Mr. T.N. Sharma

The greatest people of the world are self-motivators. Henry Ford never had an industrialist to inspire him to become the apostle of mass production. Thomas Alva Edison did not have a scientist showing him how to become the world's most celebrated inventor. None of these people had a sponsor to motivate them.

However, all of them excelled in their individual fields of endeavor.

Everyone wants to become a great professional in life like engineer, doctor, scientist or manager....

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